Friday, 28 January 2011

RESEARCH: Thriller sub-genres

A thriller uses suspense, tension and excitement as it's main elements. Thrillers have many different sub-genres:
Conspiracy thriller  Hero/ Heroin confronts large group of enemies, whose true extent only he/ she is aware of. Eg: Snake eyes, Absolute Power, JFK.
Crime thriller Offers suspenseful account of a successful or failed crime. These films usually focus on the criminal rather than the policeman. Eg: Hostage, Copycat, A perfect murder.
Erotic thriller Combines erotica with thriller. Popular since the 1980's. Eg: Basic instinct, Dressed to kill, Eyes wide shut.
Psychological thriller In which the conflict between characters is emotional/ mental, rather than physical. Alfred Hitchcock favoured this type of sub-genre. Eg: Suspicion, Shadow of a doubt, Red eye, Psycho.
Medical thriller  hero/heroine are medical doctors working to solve an expanding medical problem. Eg: The hot zone(by Richard Preston), Anatomy.
Political thriller The hero/heroin must ensure the stability of the government which employs them. Eg; Seven days in May, The interpretor, Proof of life.

The Sub-genre which inspires me most at the moment are Crime thrillers. This is because crime thrillers reflect a real part of life, it is based usually on a true story. I think suspense is able to be created effectively in this type of thriller as the audience will be able to engage in the story, as a result of their interest in the story. They will also be more willing to watch it to the end as they are curious as to what happened to the person who comitted the crimes and how their crimes got caught/ succeeded.

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