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EVAUATION QUESTION 6- Audience feedback and comment

EVALUTION Question What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing thisproduct?

Question 8

I have learnt many things from the preliminary task to the full product. I've learnt the importance of mis ens scene in translating the tone of the film, I've also learnt how to plan successfully for filming such as taking into consideration the setting and how to plan time. Ive learnt how to use sound in order to create a successful suspenseful scene and how to use different camera shots in order to create a successful opening.

Question 6 - Audience feedback and comment

As a whole our feedback from other people helped us a lot, we understand that some of the shots were too dark, and some of the sound too quiet. We also found that people enjoyed our soundtrack a lot and thought it was very effective with our film.


The internet has been used in order to releases this film into a wider audience by using YOUTUBE in order to enable people to search for videos similar to theirs. It has received 371 views. The creator of the film has also distributed his own website in order to allow people to see his work further.
We have followed in the fact that we have embedded our film into a blof. We could also distribute our film into youtube and so gain a wider audience. We could advertise by using a facebook page and share this page  and get friends to share this page.We could also rent an independent cinema in order to extend our audience.

Evaluation; Question 4&5- What kind of Media institutions might distribute your media product and why? how will you attract/ address your audience

To distribute our Thiller we would use; 



Social groups 

to adress a wider audience (mainly teenagers) we would use ; social networking sites, blogs all aspects of the internet
for older audiences we would use newspaper ads and bus posters and even leaflets. 

Question 4 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/adress your audience?

Question 3 - Who would be the audience for your media product

Our audience would be teens to adults, the serious theme make the film suitable for anyone above the target age which is 15.

Question 2 - How does your media product represet particular social groups?

We chose to have a female main character to change the stereo type of the man being the killer. In the step father the killer is a male, we wanted to try a different approach to a murderous family member.

Evaluation Question 3

Jenny, 22, retail worker, loves shopping and also swimming.She has just recently broke up with her longterm boyfriend after finding out that he has cheated on her and would like to go out with her friends to the cinema and watch Delila in order to cheer herself up.

Brian, Louise &co
All 19, students who want to see a film.

Evaluation; Question3- Who would be the audience for your media product?

Lola is 27 years old and has been happily married to her husband for 6years.Her husband is in the Art industry and works at a London art gallery. The two have known each other since the age of 16; they are the ultimate high school sweet hearts with their ups and downs Lola is a manager in Mark and Spencers. In her own time she; 
  • Loves shopping 
  • Cleaning the house
  • And going out on romantic dates with her husband ( she would love to take a walk on the beach with him secretly)
Lola has hopes of bulilding a family with her husband one day.

She is a Scopio; 

Scorpio Positive Traits

Determined and forceful
Emotional and intuitive
They tend also to be patient, courteous, loyal and generous. Those around them will often use them to help with problem resolution. Their greatest assets are the powers of will and determination.

Scorpio Negative Traits

Jealous and resentful
Compulsive and obsessive
Secretive and obstinate. Although patient and courteous, if they become aroused there is no fury equal to the Scorpio. They can become bitterly cutting to those around them. The more sensitive Scorpio may have a tendency to lose their composure and lash out with unconstructively. 

These some of the negative traits make her able to do the same thing as 'Delilah' Although Lola as a love personality, this movie will something she enjoys as she will see someone living almost the same life as her but their reactions to love. 

One day Lola wishes to own her own business and have multiple partnerships with big companies. 

- She is very organised and has everything in her life well organised in all she does including at work 

Lets take a look into her purse;

 Make up bag with; mascara, makeup brushes, foundation, lipgloss, lipstick, mirror....
Lola keeps all of these in her bag in a small makeup bag...the makeup bag keep things in their own place she carrys this incase she is in a hurry and unable to fix her makeup
Lola keeps an umbrella incase of a rainy day. this stays in her bag no matter the weather

 Disinfectant in her bag because Lola likes to keep clean and far away from germs

a purse containing; money, Oyster card, credit card and receipts 

 House keys along with keys to her mothers' house 

iphone, keeps her entertained on her journeys to work and also keeps her well organised. 

Evaluation Question 2

We used misenscene in order to present the main character(the villain) in a similar way to other thrillers. This was so that we could ensure that in the opening of the title, our audience could make a correct assumption that the character is a villain by the way in which she is dressed.  In thrillers such as The Stepfather and Fatal Attraction, the villain is dressed smartly, usually in suits so that the image portrayed to the audience is that they are strong and unemotional; almost unlike regular people.

evaluation question1

Lucky number sleven

We took inspiration from lucky number sleven however we changed several things. For example, in lucky number slevin, integrated title sequences are used, whereas in our own title opening, we used discrete title sequences. This was because we decided that discrete title sequences would be more effective in our fim as we didn't have enough experience with the technology which could create integrated title sequences in an effective way. However, we were still inspired by lucky number slevin's title sequence as it showed  us that title sequences were an important part of the title opening and that without it, it would not look like a regular thriller opening.

We also took inspiration from lucky number slevin regarding how to introduce the character. We decided that Lucky Number Slevin was effective in introducing a character to the opening and so we decided to use conventions such as the character being well dressed and walking in the place in which the opening is set in, so that the audience is able to recognise a smilar layout from previous thrillers and incorporate this familiarity into our own title opening; enabling the main character to be introduced effectively. 

We also used the convention of using an ambiguous shot as the first shot. The opening of lucky number sleven uses the same technique by using a shot of a telephone as its first shot. This is purposefully ambiguous in order to create interest in the audience, we also did this in order however,  we used a shot of a window which shows a rainy day. We did this in order to create an ambiguous shot so that interest is caused in the audience, however, we also used an image which is symbolic of the tone of the thriller opening so that the atmosphere could be effectively established.

Another convention used, taken from the inspiration of Lucky Number Sleven was the use of an establishing shot after the shot in which the character is introduced. The use of an establishing shot is crucial for thriller openings, as it reveals where the thriller takes place the most (we decided that our thriller would take place in a home).

We also wanted to use a shot in which there is a misrepresentation of reality in order to create a successful thriller opening. We decided to do this at the end of our thriller opening so that we could build up suspense first, however in lucky number sleven, the misrepresentation of reality is introduced earlier. Although the convention is still the same. We wanted to show a misrepresentation of reality in a more subte way and so showed Greg's character as dead on the couch in which Kudiwa's character sits next to as though he is not dead. The use of lighting is used to highlight the fact that Greg's character is dead.

Question 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

In these two shots the above from our film Delilah, the below from Lucky Number Sleven the horizon is brought to our attention by the use of perspective. Both shots create a menacing atmosphere, as if something is emerging from the unknown slowly.

Both these shots use lighting to create a sense of peril around a normal setting/object. The shadows in the edges of the shot and the light in the middle bring our attention to certain points in the frame.

In our film we chose to put our opening credits over black screens, we faded out into black and the title appeared. In lucky number slevin the titles appered in a similar fashion but over the moving film.

Evalution; Question 2- Does your media product represent particular social groups?

With our main character compared to 'The Step Father we were subverting the conventional male role by using a female as our murderess. 

Below is another female murderess who follows the same aspects as our main character in terms of mise en scene. 

All three of the characters above share share a similar costume and presentation in that they look smart, well educated, middle class and are well educated.

We have created a character that fits into the genre of a 'middle class, well educated murder' 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation; Question1- In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Every movie fall under 1 or more genres; these can be distiguished by the opening. And a whole story can be told through camera shots and even sound... these are some of the conventions of a thriller. For our thriller we had to recondnise these conventions and apply them to our opening to have an effective thiller genre opening.

The Forms and conventions of a Thriller:
  • Suspsence
  • Music ; Which is used to set tone, Create tension and also identify characters (motif)
  • Edit
  • Establishing shots for both :place and character
  • Mise en Scene
  • Genre/ subgenre is established
  • Elements of narrative - Alteration of reality
  • Titles/ Conventions; Discreate, inserted and stylized
  • Sound effects
  • Lighting
 Comparing 9 shots from my own title sequence and the title sequence for 'Lucky Number Slevin' I will discuss the ways in which my opening develops or challenges the forms and conventions of real media.

Our Thriller uses an opening shot which creates tension through camera close up. 'Lucky number Slevin' uses a focus on the phone to create tension. Our use of extreme close up in this opening shot makes the audience feel uneasy.

Our title was behind a plain black background, unlike ' Lucky number slevin' in which the title is placed over the narrative. There are esentially different ways to using titles, we used


Three types of titles ; Discrete, stylized and inserted. We used discrete titles because we thought they where the most effective in making the continuity of our opening because if it filmed in different locations. 'Lucky number Slevin' uses inserted titles i think it was effective in keeping the narrative clear without losing the concentration of the audience.

Our Film along side 'Lucky number Slevin' uses the alteration to reality; in our film a woman is still treating a dead man as though he was still alive. This is not something we would see in everyday life. In the same way 'Lucky number Slevin' has a man who is shot whilst getting into a car, this is also something that would not happen everyday. We have a slow buildup to this in our opening where as 'Lucky number Slevin' have their alteration almost in the beginning of the opening.


The establishing shot of our first character connotes a normal setting, in some circumstances this character would be the victim, This  connotation is then corrected when the alteration to reality takes place. 'Lucky number Slevin' uses the same establishing shots and in this case their character is actually a victim.  The lighting in both the films is very similar in the way that the light focuses on the characters.


The establishing shots for both movie not only establish the setting but they build suspense. There are not characters in these shots but as a audience we can sense this might be the setting of something bad. We anticipate and wait for something to be revealed, in many thrillers this is used to keep the audience calm, but surprise them with alteration to reality.