Saturday, 22 January 2011

RESEARCH: Font analysis

“Fonts convey an emotion without actually having to say the words”

As known it happens to be that the font is an extremely crucial tool for any reason which could be producing a film or even a poster/cover. This is  because of the fact that the font format and size and such can indicate many things to the audience. For instance it could tell the audience and give them a sense of the genre, atmosphere and also tone too. There happens to be mainly two forms of fonts. The two main fonts are serif fonts and also sans serif fonts.
The title of the film pearl harbour uses a classical, Serif font. It shows ‘Pearl harbour’ in large capital letters, this makes it stand out from the rest of the text. The capitalisation reflects the importance and power of pearl harbour.  The Mise en scene is shown by the uniform worn by the characters, they are shown to be from the military which reflects big and important and links with the title.  Also the way they are placed show there place of status.

The film 'Rocky' uses Franklin gothic Heavy font . The Title ‘Rocky’ is in bold so it stands out to the viewers. The boldness and capitalisation indicates the strength in the actual main character. The mise- en scene used indicate the issues about the film such as the way they have presented rocky in the cover which is as a boxer we can see this from the way they have dressed him. The way they have presented rocky promotes a strong, violent side of him, however considering that he is holding the hands of "Adrianne’s" promotes his sensitive and friendly side too.