Friday, 8 April 2011

EVAUATION QUESTION 6- Audience feedback and comment

EVALUTION Question What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing thisproduct?

Question 8

I have learnt many things from the preliminary task to the full product. I've learnt the importance of mis ens scene in translating the tone of the film, I've also learnt how to plan successfully for filming such as taking into consideration the setting and how to plan time. Ive learnt how to use sound in order to create a successful suspenseful scene and how to use different camera shots in order to create a successful opening.

Question 6 - Audience feedback and comment

As a whole our feedback from other people helped us a lot, we understand that some of the shots were too dark, and some of the sound too quiet. We also found that people enjoyed our soundtrack a lot and thought it was very effective with our film.


The internet has been used in order to releases this film into a wider audience by using YOUTUBE in order to enable people to search for videos similar to theirs. It has received 371 views. The creator of the film has also distributed his own website in order to allow people to see his work further.
We have followed in the fact that we have embedded our film into a blof. We could also distribute our film into youtube and so gain a wider audience. We could advertise by using a facebook page and share this page  and get friends to share this page.We could also rent an independent cinema in order to extend our audience.

Evaluation; Question 4&5- What kind of Media institutions might distribute your media product and why? how will you attract/ address your audience

To distribute our Thiller we would use; 



Social groups 

to adress a wider audience (mainly teenagers) we would use ; social networking sites, blogs all aspects of the internet
for older audiences we would use newspaper ads and bus posters and even leaflets. 

Question 4 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/adress your audience?