Friday, 8 April 2011

evaluation question1

Lucky number sleven

We took inspiration from lucky number sleven however we changed several things. For example, in lucky number slevin, integrated title sequences are used, whereas in our own title opening, we used discrete title sequences. This was because we decided that discrete title sequences would be more effective in our fim as we didn't have enough experience with the technology which could create integrated title sequences in an effective way. However, we were still inspired by lucky number slevin's title sequence as it showed  us that title sequences were an important part of the title opening and that without it, it would not look like a regular thriller opening.

We also took inspiration from lucky number slevin regarding how to introduce the character. We decided that Lucky Number Slevin was effective in introducing a character to the opening and so we decided to use conventions such as the character being well dressed and walking in the place in which the opening is set in, so that the audience is able to recognise a smilar layout from previous thrillers and incorporate this familiarity into our own title opening; enabling the main character to be introduced effectively. 

We also used the convention of using an ambiguous shot as the first shot. The opening of lucky number sleven uses the same technique by using a shot of a telephone as its first shot. This is purposefully ambiguous in order to create interest in the audience, we also did this in order however,  we used a shot of a window which shows a rainy day. We did this in order to create an ambiguous shot so that interest is caused in the audience, however, we also used an image which is symbolic of the tone of the thriller opening so that the atmosphere could be effectively established.

Another convention used, taken from the inspiration of Lucky Number Sleven was the use of an establishing shot after the shot in which the character is introduced. The use of an establishing shot is crucial for thriller openings, as it reveals where the thriller takes place the most (we decided that our thriller would take place in a home).

We also wanted to use a shot in which there is a misrepresentation of reality in order to create a successful thriller opening. We decided to do this at the end of our thriller opening so that we could build up suspense first, however in lucky number sleven, the misrepresentation of reality is introduced earlier. Although the convention is still the same. We wanted to show a misrepresentation of reality in a more subte way and so showed Greg's character as dead on the couch in which Kudiwa's character sits next to as though he is not dead. The use of lighting is used to highlight the fact that Greg's character is dead.

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