Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation; Question1- In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Every movie fall under 1 or more genres; these can be distiguished by the opening. And a whole story can be told through camera shots and even sound... these are some of the conventions of a thriller. For our thriller we had to recondnise these conventions and apply them to our opening to have an effective thiller genre opening.

The Forms and conventions of a Thriller:
  • Suspsence
  • Music ; Which is used to set tone, Create tension and also identify characters (motif)
  • Edit
  • Establishing shots for both :place and character
  • Mise en Scene
  • Genre/ subgenre is established
  • Elements of narrative - Alteration of reality
  • Titles/ Conventions; Discreate, inserted and stylized
  • Sound effects
  • Lighting
 Comparing 9 shots from my own title sequence and the title sequence for 'Lucky Number Slevin' I will discuss the ways in which my opening develops or challenges the forms and conventions of real media.

Our Thriller uses an opening shot which creates tension through camera close up. 'Lucky number Slevin' uses a focus on the phone to create tension. Our use of extreme close up in this opening shot makes the audience feel uneasy.

Our title was behind a plain black background, unlike ' Lucky number slevin' in which the title is placed over the narrative. There are esentially different ways to using titles, we used


Three types of titles ; Discrete, stylized and inserted. We used discrete titles because we thought they where the most effective in making the continuity of our opening because if it filmed in different locations. 'Lucky number Slevin' uses inserted titles i think it was effective in keeping the narrative clear without losing the concentration of the audience.

Our Film along side 'Lucky number Slevin' uses the alteration to reality; in our film a woman is still treating a dead man as though he was still alive. This is not something we would see in everyday life. In the same way 'Lucky number Slevin' has a man who is shot whilst getting into a car, this is also something that would not happen everyday. We have a slow buildup to this in our opening where as 'Lucky number Slevin' have their alteration almost in the beginning of the opening.


The establishing shot of our first character connotes a normal setting, in some circumstances this character would be the victim, This  connotation is then corrected when the alteration to reality takes place. 'Lucky number Slevin' uses the same establishing shots and in this case their character is actually a victim.  The lighting in both the films is very similar in the way that the light focuses on the characters.


The establishing shots for both movie not only establish the setting but they build suspense. There are not characters in these shots but as a audience we can sense this might be the setting of something bad. We anticipate and wait for something to be revealed, in many thrillers this is used to keep the audience calm, but surprise them with alteration to reality.

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