Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVAUATION QUESTION 8: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

I learnt to work and co-operate with my group members:

Learnt to use the JVC 11 Video camera effectively by doing to practice tasks which were our prelims

Our sound track was inspired by something on Youtube then Greg attempted to make a similar sound track

First of all working in a group was something that has improved as we managed to share and take in and input ideas, if we didn't agree on something then we would try to come up with somethings else and agree on it together. We made sure that all of our group member had a say in everything.

Our camera skills have improved, form not knowing how to use a camera. Our skills on getting shots like the close up and extreme close ups into action has really improved. Learning how to use the apple mac computers was hard, and using the mac software's that help edit our films was extremely difficult. But we managed to over come that problem and got used to it.

Blogging was a major issue, although it was a easy way of getting your work done and posting it,  regularly post things on the wall was hard, but again we managed to get it done. The research blogs helped use get ideas and plan for our own film 

Our planning skills improved so much for our prelims to be honest we didn't give to much thought to it as we did with our final film. We took so long to plan for our final thriller. 

When we did the first preliminary we had a lot of problems. with our shots as we didn't know how to use the camera adequately then. However our final film was so much better on so many levels. but we did encounter some darkness but this was for effect. The preliminary had no titles as we didn't have enough time to do so,with our final thriller we had all the titles up and showing. 

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