Monday, 28 February 2011

Anaylis of title sequence of Inspiration

The StepFather (2009)

One of the main inspirations for my groups final film opening sequence would be the stepfather. During the beginning of the sequence there is a relatively slow pan across some shaving tools this creates great emphasis on the objects. Being part of teh audience we know we are watching a 'thriller' so these tools to us already connote something bad, we expect the object to be used to do something bad. These expectations are put aside as we see a man using the tools there is a number of mid shots and close ups used at this point. The close ups and mid shots make the objects look bigger, and more the same time creating empasis on each of the objects and how the character uses them. The use of sound creates suspence and add to the suspitions of something about to happen.
The main aspect of inspiration from this sequence is the idea of a man living life as normal, and then we are revealed to the destraught truth with a camera tilt.

This title sequence follows the Mis en scene, Camera, sound and Edits which we might use in our opening.
The opening credits are shown on top of the action, this type of opening credits help not take the attention off the action because of the opening credits.

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