Saturday, 12 February 2011

Evaluation of prelim film

During lesson we were given a brief which was to create a prelim as a practice before the real thriller. This got us thinking of what we wanted ours to be about and what was going to happen in it. We all agreed that our prelim film sequence should be a psychological thriller.

Our storyline is a girl waits for the lift, she is unaware that she is going to be murdered by a psychopath who kills his victims if they do not take the lift to the stop at the fourth floor.

We encounter quite a few problems because we filmed it in college and there were many students standing around and getting in the way. Our film did not obtain any non digetic sounds, this was mainly due to the time limit we had. It is obvious that if we had more time we would have added sound and even a sound track to go along with the action.

I believe we have created a very good opening. We used many shots from different angles so that when we edit the film we will have a range of shots to work with. However I don’t think that the editing was up to scratch and personally I think that we need to work on this to ensure we can make the best out of our main thriller sequence.

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