Tuesday, 1 February 2011

RESEARCH:Structure of openings with examples

There are three basic opening structures theses are as follows:

                       A narrative opening
Is when the audience is introduced to the location and setting and has the
titles running over it.

             The Shinning:

Another example or a narrative opening structure is "The Stepfather"

A discrete title sequence
Is separately edited, For instance in ‘Seven’ there are lots of close ups of everything, showing lots of weird things that a normal person wouldn’t do. The hand written fonts tells us that his mental state is not right. This all makes it spooky and gives it an edge.

Titles over black screen, followed by the narrative opening
It has a titles running over a blank screen, they often include sound effects before the images and such are introduced.

       Donnie Darko:

There is also a forth opening structure which is

            A ‘Stylized editing’

Phelham 123

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