Friday, 4 February 2011

RESEARCH:My response to the 'Watching Documaentary

After watching this documentary I can draw the following information given:

Thomas Sutcliffe elaborated on an aspect about film openings which need to seduce the audience into long term commitment. What Thomas Sutcliffe meant by that term is that when creating an opening you have to ensure that it gets the audience’s attention straight away. Danny Boyle also says the fact that it must also show enough ambition and potential at the start engaging the audience in order to keep them watching the movie

In the documentary the director, Jean Jacques Beinex said that there are risks of 'instant arousal' which means that the audience don’t have the full satisfaction of what they are watching if too much is revealed or if things are rushed.

When making an opening to a film the audience should not know much of the information but should know enough to keep them interested and keep them watching and understand what is going on. For Stanley Kauffmann a classic opening would begin with an establishing shot of New York city, with a close up of a building, then up the building, to a window and through it, past the receptionist desk into an office and there sat a character. He states it works because it tells the audience where the action is taking place, what the occupation of the hero is and the organisation of the world.

Kyle Coopers seven title sequences is so effective as it shows quick segments outlining the filmmaker's intentions and setting up the expectations of those watching. He introduces the psychotic character doing weird stuff which clearly shows that he is not sane.

The Universal studios wanted to place the background music with the credits at the beginning of his film however Orson Welles didn’t want this as he wanted no credits, no music, but just dialogues. However he did not get his way Universal Studios ended up adding all of the above because they did not want to frighten there audience.

The trick is start from the ending this will be giving something away, like the film ‘Casino’

The Shining creates suspense by the aeroplane shots; this is where the audience is following the car from above, like a predator. This automatically allows the audience to think that the car is being watched.

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