Thursday, 3 February 2011

RESEARCH: Thriller audiences

In order to create a successful thriller, you must have research into the audience of cinema and in particular, thriller audiences. In 2009 there were 31 thriller/ suspense films created, this accounts for only 4% of that year's profits in the UK. However, thriller/suspense fims made a gross profit of around £42 million.
Action, Animation and Comedy accounted for 52% of the UK's box office in 2009. The reason for their popularity is probably due to the fact that they are suitable and 'safe' for families, who are more likely to visit the cinema. As these genres are considered more 'family friendly', they are more likely to do better at the cinema. I think that the reason as to why Thrillers do less well at the box office is because it is most likely that people go to the cinema in order to be entertained, but not in a suspensful way, they probably enjoy a calmer atmosphere, which a thriller doesn't allow to occur. Also the majority audience of cinemas are families, again this shows how thrillers only have a monority audience.
Thrillers seem to be preferred more by woman than men. This means that thriller's are more biased towards woman, and so there is more woman than men in the thriller audience. 
The age certificates are usually 18, showing that thrillers are most likey to be watched by adults.

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