Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 6:Audience feedback and comment

This was done by using wordle

 I found that many people liked the voice over that we did because it was something different and nobody else did it or included an effect like this which i think made our opening unique.

Quiet a few people said that our lighting could have been a bit better or be improved because some shots were a bit dark, but we were aiming for this kind of dark dull look.

People liked our choice of shots and the way we edited some of them. In the end our actor Greg got a few comments as well as they said he really looked dead so that was very good (so having talking powder on your face did pay of after all GREG)

Overall I am really proud of our work because we worked on this so hard within a short amount of time obviously we had more time we would make it much more better to enhance our audience into the film.

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