Friday, 25 March 2011

We have reached the DEADLINE!

WOOOW! it seems like just yesterday that we where given this task. Me and my groupd have worked hard to develop our thiller opening...
We spent much of our time planning so that is was easier for us to get straight to the filming.
If i had a choice i would have had more time and a bigger group because there are a number of tasks that are very difficult to do with just 4members. It was mainly difficult for us because the we didnt use other people to act...We did this ourselfs.
We have until 3pm today to submit our work/ seems like a very impossible task right now because we want to perfect many things including the music and the shots. The difficulty of all this running smoothly is the amount of people that will need to do the same today... sos i am expecting; limited computers (first come first serve).....

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