Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evaluation;Question 6 - Audience feedback and comment

We selected keywords from our comments and entered them on;  http://www.wordle.net/
to create the image above

As a group we recieved both negavtive and positive feedback from our class mates during our lesson. After watching eachother's thrillers we all noted down feedback for each group. A lot of the sounds; diegetic and non-diegetic where identified to have been both effective and uneffective. We also recieved personal comments about our acting which i was every pleased with. I appreciate the truth of our classmates because this way we are able to note down elements which we could improve if we could. By looking at other thrillers we also got a chance to ask other groups about how they achived their final product, this gave me an idea of the ways we could improve our final film. Other than the feedback we gained from our peers, we also had our own feedback about our opening in relation to what our peers said. Good use of feedback helps us as individuals in the future advice on how to produce great openings.

I think if we also got feedback from different age groups, i would determine if we made the right decisions when selecting our target audience. This feedback could expand our audience but it could also limit our audience.

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