Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Planning: practice run photoshoot

We have taken photographs of the types of shots we are looking to shoot in the first part of our title sequence. In this sequence lasting aproximately 20-25 seconds we will use fast jumpy shots and edits to create the feeling something is not right about this normal everyday kitchen.

Different utensils will be effective as we will be zooming out from extreme close ups, so at the beginning of the shot the veiwer will be unsure of what it is exactly that they are being shown.

We will be using non digetic sounds aswell as digetic to make the sequence more fast moving and tense. Effects such as white noise will be very effective for moving in and out quickly with close ups, as it will give the illusin that the camera is being dragged through air or wind. Noises such as the kettle boiling will be amplified to create a suspensful undertone to the sound.

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