Friday, 25 March 2011

Mis-en-scene planning

In order for us to create our opening effectively, we had consider all aspects that came with creating a film, including the mis-en-scene.
We decided that Kudiwa's house was most suitable for filming due to factors such as its location and also that it was the easiest to create our desired setting for the opening.
We decided that we wanted our setting to take place in a house/ flat in order to create the impression to our audience that the house is not a place of safety; hoping to cause intrigue  in the audience and also to ensure that they want to see how it came to be that someones place of refuge, or home, has been invaded and the followup to that.
Furthermore,  for our opening we had to ensure that the audience is able to gain a hint of who or what the character's are to cause interest, to deepen their knowledge of the film but ensure they do not receive too much knowledge so that their interest in the film is deepened; the main aim of the title opening.
We decided that the use of stereotypes were helpful in creating an effective impression to the audience of who the characters were and what they did. For example, we wanted to represent to the audience clearly that the woman was successful and a working woman, so we decided to dress her in a suit as she is a focal character in the film and so some knowledge of who she is  is needed in order to create a successful title opening.

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